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Tag It Too

Since my first tag it post was so well received, and I am currently in the feeling like death portion of the cold I received from Big Kid and Peanut at the end of the week (one minute I feel fine [usually in the morning], the next minute I don’t want to move from the couch and can’t stop coughing [usually by mid-afternoon]…best cold ever…not), I think I’ll start the week off with another hashtagged themed post. Fun story about the boys to kick start this post: on Friday (when I was really hurting…like couldn’t move fast and never wanted to leave the couch), they decided they wanted to play doctor. I was the patient. They proceeded to use their doctor tools to try and make me better (whilst coughing and snotting all over me…maybe not the best way to get better). Big Kid declared that I had to stay in the hospital for 600 years, even though my ears were free from earwax. Then he gave me a shot and said I was all better. Then he wanted to know why I wasn’t getting up to play basketball with them. I wish I had their energy when I was sick. Luckily, some cold medicine and extra sleep helped me get through the weekend, but I’ll let the pictures I barely remembered to take speak for themselves.



photo 1 (8)

#firstruninswirlgearshirt #loveit #excusetheextralayersunderneathitwasfivedegreesonSaturdaymorning


#truth #twosolidrunsthisweekend #7milessaturday4milessunday #gettingbackisgood

photo 3 (3)

#foundthem #amazing #Joesmomwasjustasexcitedasme

photo 5

#friendsfordinneronSaturday #loveHayleyandherhubby #madelotsofgoodfoodandgotpicturesofnoneofit #obviously #roastedchickenandveggies #homemadevanillabeanicecreamwithsprinklesandhomemadechewylemoncookiesfordessert #bloggerfail #atleastwearecute

photo 2 (8)

#bakeallthethings #didgetapictureofthecookies #thosetwoareforthegirlstonight #igotintroublelastweekfornotbringingthemanything #Spoonsgranolabars #Joerequest

photo 4 (2)

#shoppingtripwithNoelle #I<3sales #VictoriasSecretsleepshirtsarethebest #oversizedsweatersaremyfavoritethingtowearespeciallywhentheyarecheap

photo (12)

#familydinnerSundaynight #homemadepierogiesfromJoesmom #amazing

Other undocumented but noteworthy events of the weekend:

#breakfastandgroceryshoppingwithJoesmomonSaturday #FirstWatchpancakesarethebest #funtimes

#watchingtheOlympics #I<3figureskating…andgraciejeremycharliemerylandjason #gousa

#haircutSaturdayafternoon #desperatelyneeded #headmassageduringshampoofeltamazing

#readingandfinishingSisterlandandFlyMeToTheMoon  #enjoyedboth #endingofSisterland…wow #readitandtellmewhatyouthink

#screechedlikeabansheewhenwesteppedoutsidethemallandsawallthesnowonmycarandtheroads #failedtohearthatsnowwasexpectedSunday #woops

Have a wonderful day :)

What’s your tag for the day? What do you do when you get sick? Did you get more snow this weekend?

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32 thoughts on “Tag It Too

  1. Ugh, we got more snow here yesterday too. When will it end?!?!?

    Girls shopping trips are the best, especially when there are sales! Banana Republic has had so many great deals lately – I need to stop going there everytime there is a sale because my bank account is starting to hate me haha.

    Feel better soon girl!

    • I don’t know, but it needs to end soon!! Haha, I love Banana. My bank account and I compromised yesterday…two sweaters=all fun money gone for the next two weeks, but I’ll look cute and I’m a homebody anyway ;)

  2. I am incredibly jealous of two things from this post:
    1. Your ability to hashtag everything. My goal in life is to speak in hashtags and part of that will have to be in the form of writing. You’ve nailed it. HAHA!
    2. Those oreos. Please send me some, I can’t find them anywhere (also, note, I have not looked.)

    YAY for your run with your running club! You look thrilled + adorable. Win.

    • Hahaha thanks hun! The tags are fun to write and very handy when I’m in a time crunch like last night ;) And if we have those oreos in western PA, you MUST have them in Atlanta ;) Get on it! As crazy as it was to be up at 6 on a Saturday about to head out in five degrees, I was pretty damn happy :)

  3. I need a full review of those Oreos. I haven’t bought them because I’m scared I’ll be disappointed. Or eat the whole box in one sitting and then feel sick but happy because they taste so amazing. So I need your verdict! Love all the hashtags- best kind of post. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • I love them. Seriously, they’re awesome. It’s tough to resist more than one at a time, but thus far I’ve held it to that. I don’t think they’ll last must longer though ;)

  4. We had a First Watch in St Louis when I was in college and I LOVED their breakfast potatoes and their waffles. For me, waffles are where it’s at when it comes to breakfast. Might be the only truly breakfast food that I like (because, let’s be honest, potatoes and bacon can basically be eaten with every meal). Glad you had a good weekend and hope a trip to the hospital will NOT be in order ;)

    • I haven’t tried their waffles yet, but now I will definitely do so next time we go. I love those pancakes, though…one is as big as my face so that’s all I need ;) Fingers crossed no hospital is necessary….600 years would be an extraordinarily long time to be cooped up ;)

    • Oh that’s awesome! We go shopping in Robinson almost every weekend…Joe’s fam lives out there so he knows the area best, and it’s easy to get to from where we live in the slopes! I got in my run before that snow yesterday…would have been miserable otherwise!

  5. I WANT THOSE OREOS. I was pumped a couple months ago cause I found the birthday cake ones! Haha I hope you feel better soon my dear! I’m terrified of getting sick, ain’t nobody got time for that! My hashtag of today would be #notenoughtimeinthedaytogeteverythingdone

    • Ahh truth to that hashtag! That’s why three day weekends should be mandatory so there’s enough time to get chores, rest, and fun stuff done! We love the bday cake too…but I think the cookie dough are better. Not quite as sweet, which I really liked :D

  6. Oh my gosh those Oreos! I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist buying them, how are they?! Loving the swirlgear :) I hope you feel better soon being sick is the worst!

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