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Add It Up

Over the past week, I slipped on ice and fell down hard, jarring my breast bone (which still hurts today when I lay down or get up…have I mentioned I’m incredibly done with winter at this point?)…locked myself out of the house while Joe was gone for a few hours…got double charged by ticket master, which made my bank account less than pleased for a time…locked myself out of my email account by sending too many pictures to myself from my phone and wasn’t allowed to get back in for hours….and fought some crazy version of the flu, complete with fever, shakes, and horrendous nausea. Not quite the vacation I had planned to say the least…but it wasn’t all bad…


(thanks Katie!)

Marvelous is…



photo 1

…pretty sights, as long as you’re inside :P I love the first real snowfall of the year (normally). Everything looks so fresh and clean and beautiful, and running while trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue is one of my favorite things around (which Danielle and I totally did on Tuesday morning). Hopefully, I’m getting all my bad snow luck out now. I would hate to truly loathe snow from here on out.

photo 2

…unexpected Pens tickets. One of Joe’s friends often gets tickets from work; if he has extra or can’t go, he’ll typically offer them to us. Major win. Wednesday night was one of the nights he couldn’t attend, so we got to go in his place. Craziest game ever, kids, and we were so excited to be a part of it by the end!

photo 3

…a solid first week of marathon training. I got to meet up with my run club on Saturday morning for the first time in ages, run with Danielle on Tuesday, and hit two other runs on my own throughout the week. I haven’t felt this good running-wise in a long time, and it feels great to be getting back to where I used to be. My focus continues to be on building mileage and staying healthy, regardless of pace, especially as I move forward in training. The mileage only goes up from here, and I need to remember that and go easy if I hope to have a better experience at Shamrock than Erie.

photo 4

…Christmasifying the house. This is my favorite time of year, but I managed to restrain myself from decorating until Thanksgiving afternoon. Makes me smile just looking at this every day.

photo 5

…our first Thanksgiving together. Joe and I decided to stay home and have our own little celebration this year, which turned out beautifully. He made the turkey, brioche bread pudding, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, and Parker House rolls (all from scratch…I know…he’s wonderfully ridiculous), while I took care of the avocado and kale salad (using this recipe….awesome!) and pumpkin roll for dessert. I followed Courtney’s recipe but used 8 oz of cream cheese with a little more powdered sugar to make more frosting and added chopped walnuts to the inside, as well. It turned out really well, but I think toasted cinnamon maple pecans would be even better. Next time, kids, next time.

photo 4

…a nice glass of wine after a long day in the Christmas atmosphere. My favorite way to start a long day? A nice long run. My favorite way to end a long day? A nice big glass of wine. More than one was consumed this week and proved to be the perfect way to relax. After all, what else is vacation for? ;)

photo 1

…waking up to this text message the day after Thanksgiving (because I maintain my 5 year old bedtime of 8:30/9:00 regardless of whether I’m on vacation or not). This was from the mom of the little ladies I watch on Monday nights and completely made my day. Never underestimate the power of a quick note of thanks. You’d be amazed what it can do to the person who receives it.

photo 2

…coming home from my long run on Saturday to find Elf and then Pitch Perfect on. Best timing ever. Made my hour of stretching and leg exercises much more enjoyable, and Joe was thrilled that I proceeded to speak in Elf quotes for the rest of the morning. Who’s up for eating a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough and then some snuggling?

photo 3

…finding a fabulous place to hang out until Joe could come and get me. After locking myself out of the house, I wandered down the mountain to the flats, where I checked out Big Dog Coffee (thankfully had my purse and wallet with me). Best decision ever. I grabbed one of their americanos and cran oat bars and then proceeded to curl up next to the wood burning fireplace for a few hours. New favorite coffee shop, kids. Definitely not the last time I’ll be back.

When you add it all up, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Knowing that a year ago just one of the aforementioned negative things would have been allowed to ruin my week, let alone all of them, shows me just how far I’ve come in letting go and learning to laugh, which is yet one more positive in my book. Not quite the vacation I had in mind, it’s true, but that definitely wasn’t a bad thing :) And now I’m off to go give Big Kid and Peanut a day full of hugs; I missed my tiny terrors more than I can say!

Have a great Monday!

What can you add up right now? Have you ever had a vacation turn out to be not what you expected? Have you decorated for the holidays yet? Have you ever locked yourself out of your house?

32 thoughts on “Add It Up

  1. Everytime you mention yet another meal Joe whipped up I’m always like “Oh my gosh – I’m a girl and can’t even cook like him” Ha Ha! The two of you make a great team and definitely whipped up many delicious sounding meals!

    Wishing your boobie bone a speedy recovery!

    • haha I know…he’s ridiculous :P Good thing he can cook, though…we’d be screwed if I was in charge of most meals…or he’d have to really start liking breakfast for dinner :P

  2. I’m glad you were able to focus on the positives of the weekend! Your Thanksgiving feast sounds kind of perfect, when i eventually get my butt down to Pittsburgh you and Joe will cook for me, right? ;-)
    Eric and I have been housesitting for the last nine days so I haven’t gotten around to decorations yet, but we’re home tonight so I’m thinking that I’ll be breaking them out ;-)

    • Me too girl. Makes things seem a lot better when you try to do that! We’ll be happy to cook for you when you come! And when I say we, I clearly mean he, since we’ll be too busy playing with Atti, drinking wine, and chatting it up ;)
      Have fun decorating tonight!

  3. Just to say – cooking isn’t just for the ladies! :) I love to cook and our younger son is probably a better cook than either my wife or I (he just lacks our years of ‘experience’). Older son … well, he will leave the house able to prepare means, and we’ll leave it at that! :D

    A week of ups and downs, for sure – we were all sitting and talking and my kids were talking about how that represented the entire year for them … and how life isn’t some balance sheet that simply tallies positives and negatives – they each exist distinct from the other, and each contributes to our lives in some way.

    Looks like you had a great vacation in the end … which is what really matters.

    • Haha true story, sir! Joe has more than one male friend who can cook just as well as him if not better, so I have definitely benefitted from having him around, since I like to make nothing that doesn’t involve pancakes, egg scrambles, or baked goods involving massive amounts of sugar and chocolate ;)

      I have never thought of life like that before, but I really like it. Life definitely doesn’t equal out but all kinds of experiences, positive/negative/somewhere in between, help us learn and grow and live more fully, which is what I aim to do at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing that :)

  4. Aw girl I’m sorry you weren’t feeling great this week so it wasn’t the vacation you had planned but it does seem like the positives far outweighed the negatives and I’m so happy to hear that for you! Have a great week back with the boys today :)

  5. Yikes, I hope your breast bone is feeling better and you’re over your sickness! I’m glad you still had an amazing break despite all that though. The Thanksgiving spread you and Joe made sounds amazing! And don’t you love it when the house is all decorated for Christmas? We need to get cracking on putting ours up!

    Have a good Monday girl! :)

    • Getting there thankfully! Breast bone is still achy, but hopefully that’ll be better soon! Thanksgiving was delicious :P I need those parker house rolls in my life daily…definitely ate at least two a day…sooo good! I absolutely love having the decorations up. I was listening to christmas music and eating breakfast with them on this morning and was in absolute heaven :)

  6. wow you two are so cute – love the elegant spread you both had. amazing. I can’t believe about that fall, so happy that you are ok. Scary stuff. I am lucky at how mild it is here, really lucky. I totally forgot you were back to marathon training!

  7. Goodness gracious, when it rains it pours, eh? Sorry you had to deal with all that crap at once, but I’m SUPER impressed with how you were still able to pick out the positives. Didn’t quite have the best Thanksgiving of my life, to be honest, and I kept just being all, “Seriously, how does ALL of this stuff keep going wrong?” so in light of all of that I admire your positive attitude. Definitely something I could’ve used a few days ago!

    I spent a couple hours on Saturday turning our living room into a magical Christmas wonderland (i.e.: lights for dayyyyssss) and it just makes me so happy. I wish all holidays called for this kind of excessive decoration, because I just love it. I also wish it were possible to keep Christmas lights up all year without looking 1) trashy or 2) like a college freshman. They’re just so wonderful! The ambiance! Sigh. At least I get about a month of them, I suppose.

    • Hahahaha ah girl I missed you last week for your comments alone! Totally agree with you about Christmas lights but also agree with your reasoning for why that doesn’t work (still laughing about that too :P ). I’m sorry your Thanksgiving wasn’t the best :( Believe me, at the time of most of these things, I was ticked and stressed, but when I looked back a little bit later, I figured it could have been worse, which helped in this case. Not always but sometimes!

  8. First of all, you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture at the Pens game! Way to be a hot mama! ;) And I’m sorry about the flu/falling on ice fiasco. Happy that that is behind you and now you can enjoy the holidays without any funky illnesses! Also…Joe and you outdid yourselves! What a spread!

    • Aww thanks love! You’re too sweet. Since I didn’t have to work ahead of time, I had time to do big girl going out make up…Joe likes it when that happens ;) fingers crossed i got out all my illnesses and funky injuries now…I’ve had enough of those for one year!

  9. Hi Caitlin! New reader here. :) Love your blog so far. I wished Australia had snowfalls, at least not where I’m at. It’s crazy warm right now and I wish I was where you are. Sorry to hear about your falling on ice! Hope you get better soon!

    • Hey love! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment :) I have to admit, I’d rather be here in the cold than dealing with heat…I don’t do well in higher temps :P

  10. Haha, I can answer yes to a lot of those questions. I have locked myself out – never out of an apartment or a house actually, but out of my dorm room in college. It’s because we had those doors that locked behind you. So if you didn’t have your key, you were out of luck. Every apartment I’ve lived in since then has required a key to actually lock the door, which has saved me from locking myself out!

    • Ahh that’s lucky! I never locked myself out in college somehow haha but def did Saturday. I keep my house/car keys on a separate key chain so that when I run I’m not lugging a ton of randomness around. Usually i reattach it when I’m done/home, but apparently I forgot to do that Saturday morning. Ah well…lesson learned I hope!

  11. Oh honey this post warms my heart. If I hadn’t read your intro paragraph, I’d never have known how much shit you had to suffer through, because your outlook is so positive. That said, I’m so sorry you felt so bad! I’m so happy for your run training–it sounds amazing! And you and Joe are seriously the cutest–what a wonderful Thanksgiving the two of you had! Love!

  12. it is so much better to not let the little things (even if they all happen in one week!) get you down. it bums me out when people say the littlest things ruin their day.
    the only time we lock our doors is bed time, the doors are usually wide open all the time! although a few nights after late night shifts my kids would lock me out of the house, thinking i was already home when they came home. i would have to walk through our pitch black basement with 5′ 8″ ceilings (I am 5′ 10″) – i guess it never occured to me to get a night light down there until now! haha.
    A quiet Thanksgiving sounds like the best holiday ever!

    • Haha, i would have freaked out if I’d had to walk through a pitch dark basement. I don’t like the dark at all (overactive imagination), but i probably wouldn’t have thought to get a light either haha. A quiet thanksgiving was an awesome holiday :) And i agree…life can really suck sometimes, but there are many positive ways to deal with things when the situation isn’t that bad!

  13. Oh girl! You had some major things happen to you on that time off! I’m so glad it didn’t ruin anything and you still had a fantastic holiday. I LOVE that you and Joe had your own celebration and feast. I can’t believe how amazing of a cook he is.. I wish I could be haha. Love the Christmas decorations :)

    • Me too for once ha. It was a nice way to spend a holiday for sure :) his skills are ridic…i wish i had the desire to learn to cook like that ha, but I don’t. He makes it look easy, but whenever I get in there to cook, it just takes longer than it should and frustrates me. Baking is another story thankfully haha. And I love the way you decorated, too..,it looks gorgeous!

  14. Oy, that’s a lot of shizz to hit the fan in one week! I hope you’re feeling better (the flu is freaking AWFUL) and that your boobie bone is healing quickly. :)

    That said, hooray for all the good things! Your first T’giving with Joe sounds perfect, and Christmas-ifying the house is always fabulous. (It’s on my to-do list for this coming weekend, although Brandon isn’t so enthused about it. I’m forcing Christmas spirit on him whether he likes it or not!)

    • Thanks hun! With everything going on this week, I haven’t slept enough so still feeling ick but I’ll get there…I hope haha. Thanksgiving was awesome :) I hope you’ve Christmasified your home! Joe was as excited as Brandon sounds and I would bet the lights have not been lit since I’ve been gone, but he’ll get on board tomorrow, or I’ll find the most obnoxious christmas decorations i can for the house and play christmas music 24/7 until new years day so he remembers better for next year ;)

  15. Oh you didn’t! :( I hate falling on the ice. Just like I hate falling when rollerskating. It makes me afraid to go outside. Or walk period. Ha.

    My Thanksgiving vacation didn’t go exactly as I planned. There were a lot of changes and I didn’t feel too hot over break. But it still overall was good seeing family and I had some fun times. One good memory > all the bad ones!

    • I did :( Kept me from going to see Thor 2, too, which I was super bummed about. I’ll get around to that at some point :P I’m sorry your Thanksgiving wasn’t quite what you planned, but I love the attitude…one good memory definitely trumps the bad ones!

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